Replace or Repair a broken laptop

Replace or Repair a broken laptop?

Given the fact that laptops have become much common and less expensive, they are replacing desktop computers because of their size and advancement. But like every machine, they require service and repairing and sometimes even replacement. Laptop users often face this dilemma to repair or replace a laptop in case of laptop damage. Before making any decision it is wise to compare the cost to repair and replacement. Software malfunctioning can be easily be cured through reinstalling operating systems and software by an expert. But in the case of a broken laptop then laptop parts are taken apart which consumes money and labor.

The repairing is always a good idea and should be considered first before throwing away a slow or broken laptop. Here are some suggestions and tips to follow whether you go for repair or replacement to make smart and economical decisions to save your money.

Pinpoint the exact issue:                                 

Before tearing apart laptop components or replacing them, find out the exact cause for your slow or broken laptops. Sometimes the use of the right senses at right time can solve problems. There are some actions you can take immediately after damage.

  • If the DVD player gets stuck, put a paperclip in the hole to eject disk manually.
  • If battery does not hold Charge then either order online or check iFone Repair for a replacement laptop battery.

If this does not help you then consult with an expert at iFone Repair. If you think that repairing would be cost-effective then consider the following questions.

Consider the laptop age:

If you still have a warranty for the laptop which means the laptop is fairly new then repairing is the best possible choice. The performance of the laptop can be boosted up by upgrading certain parts like RAM (memory card). In this regard, switching from a mechanical hard drive to a SSD (Solid State Drive) can solve the problem. The LCD screen could also be replaced if the laptop is dropped and the laptop screen cracked.

Check prices of new laptops:

If the cost of a new laptop is greater than repairing when the repairing is in the hands of a trustworthy and competitive technician then laptop repair should be the foremost choice. Also, the repaired laptop should offer you at least two new features which will lean you more towards repairing.

The enormity of the problem:

This means how significant is the problem. Software failures may be the reason for slow computers which can be resolved in few dollars. Hardware damage like a broken screen can cost a lot of money and sometimes the damage is so insignificant that few minutes can fix everything.

Now if you have decided to go for repairing the laptop, make sure to check iFone Repair in Bradenton, FL. We fix laptops by all of the most popular brands; such as, Apple, Asus, Dell, HP, Microsoft, Acer, Lenovo, and more. Either you have a broken screen, malware, virus, power issues, hard drive issues, or in need of a component upgrade, we have you covered. iFone Repair is a local business serving the community since 2012. Learn more or request a quote today by calling (941) 840-0201