iPad Repair Services in Bradenton, FL

iPad Screen Repair

At iFone Repair, we have a team of trained technicians who could fix your Broken iPad Screen in No Time. If you need an Apple iPad repair, stop by to see our pro techs at iFone Repair today. Cracked the Glass or Damaged the LCD Screen? No problem, Our Master Tech is there to help you get your iPad fixed. There are different types of iPad such as iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Pro series and there are 2 types of screens which one is just the glass and touch panel and the other one also is fused with the LCD screen. Don’t worry because we do fix all of them either it has a hairline crack or it’s completely broken and showing lines and spots on there.

iPad Battery Replacement

If the battery is not working properly, it will affect the performance of your iPad. Let’s talk about iPad Batteries and causes of them going bad. If your iPad charge is not lasting you like before or if your iPad is experiencing random shut downs, it is time for bring it to iFone Repair and get a brand new battery installed. In general, iPad batteries last for between 2 or 3 years depending on how much you use and charge your iPad. keep that in mind for your reference. Good news is that most iPad battery replacements take us about a day

iPad Charging Port Repair

Overtime all electronic parts can begin to deteriorate and wear out. Do you have to play with your charging cord to get your iPad charging or you can see the internal Pins being damaged or broken? or Tried connecting it to your computer and is not recognizing your iPad? iFone Repair technicians are highly trained to diagnose and repair charging issues with most devices and charging port is one of many of repairs. most iPad charging ports are soldered in to the motherboard but good news is that we do micro-soldering in house and charging port replacement is a piece of a cake for us

* Most iPad repairs take about a day

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