Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few of the questions that we get asked on a regular basis.

What devices do you offer repairs for?

we repair all cell phones and other electronics including laptops, tablets & gaming consoles.

Here is a few devices we fix on a daily basis: iPhone repair, iPad repair, Samsung repair, LG repair, Motorola repair, MacBook repair, all major brand laptop repair, Xbox repair, PlayStation repair, and many other devices

Can you fix anything other than cell phone screens?

Yes, We repair about anything on cell phones. Some of the most common parts we repair are: Battery, Charging port, Speaker, Microphone, Camera, and buttons

My cell phone is not taking charge, is it the battery or charging port?

If your phone is not charging at all, first thing to try is charging it with a different charging cord then check to see if the port is loose or dirty inside. If it’s dirty, you will most likely need a charging port clean up and if it's loose, replacing the port is the only solution. When your cell phone is not holding charge, you will need a battery replacement.

Do you Replace Tablet Screens?

Yes, We do replace tablet screens as long as we can source the replacement part and the repair cost is less than the value of the tablet.

We fix Apple iPad, Samsung Tab, LG GPad, Asus ZenPad, Lenovo ideaPad, and many more tablets

Can you replace my broken Laptop screen?

Yes, we can replace your broken laptop screen is a few days and sometimes within a day if we have the replacement available in stock

How much does your diagnostic cost?

A simple diagnostic at our front counter is FREE. We will look over your device with you to try and determine what is the problem you're having with it. If we are not able to determine what the problem is or caused by, we will need to perform a deep diagnostic that may take about a day and for that we charge a small fee of $29.99. If you would like to continue with the repair from that point, the cost of the diagnostic will be waived and you will only be charge for the repair cost.

Will I lose the warranty on my device if I get it repaired?

Your warranty is automatically Voided when you damaged your device (accidental damages void warranties)

I dropped my phone in water, What should I do now?

Wipe and dry the outside of the phone and do not press any of the buttons. If possible, remove the battery to decrease the likelihood of an electrical short.

Do turn it off if you still can. Do not try to charge it. Do not put it in rice. Bring it to iFone Repair for as soon as you can and our technician will professionally take your phone apart and dry the internal components to stop corrosion buildup and other complications.

Also check our Blog post on What To Do When Your Phone Gets Water Damage.

Do You Offer Data Recovery?

Yes, We offer basic data recovery services involving attempting to recover data from a water damaged iPhone, a dead computer, or a failing Hard Drive. We provide data backup or data transfer and data recovery depending on the condition of your device.

Can I buy parts or tools from you?

We do not sell parts nor tools but we can fix your device for you. We only sell used and refurbished electronics and new accessories.

Why iFoneRepair when I found the repair cheaper elsewhere?

We know that there’s always someone who can fix it for cheap, but be aware because all parts are not the same.

We don’t compromise our parts quality just to have lower prices. We know that low quality parts can damage your device.

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