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Warranty Coverage Detail

Read below for detailed information:
About Our Limited Warranty

Our warranty covers the installed parts and labor of installing those parts for the warranty time offered for each specific repair from the date device was dropped off  in our store.

Warranty on Parts & Repairs

We use the Highest Quality parts in the market and we stand behind our work; however, Occasionally we receive a defective part from our suppliers which we will replace that part free of charge to the customer. To simplify what we call a defective part is for example an LCD screen that was replaced starts flickering. Of course, a defective part on each repair can act differently. There will no warranty for any accidental damages caused by the customer. Any sign of damages; such as, accidental user damage, physical damage, scratched screen, shattered screen, hairline crack, LCD/OLED screen damages (showing lines or bleeding), any sign of drop on the device, or liquid damage will void the warranty. If any kind of Screen Protector such as Tempered glass was purchased for the phone, it has to be on the screen at the time of warranty claim. Not having the tempered glass on the screen means that the phone was dropped and tempered glass was shattered and Our Warranty on the Screen is Voided. Receipt of repair must be presented for claiming on our warranty. iFone Repair is not responsible for any loss of data, True tone, or Touch ID functionality on Apple Devices after the repair attempt.

Our Warranty Policy only covers the part that was replaced and we cannot be held liable for any other damaged parts on the device. Also note that No warranty is provided for Liquid Damaged Device repairs, board repairs that involved soldering, and Battery replacements.

Computer Warranty

If the issue from the original work order reoccurs within the warranty time frame, we will perform the service again at no charge. This warranty does not include any software issues created and/or caused by the customer; such as: viruses or spyware, tampering with the settings or other non-related hardware failures. Limited warranty does not included any additional software, hardware, parts, system upgrades, or additional components needed, added OR installed to the system by the user. “Accidental User Damage” or abuse is not covered. Broken or cracked lcd screens are not covered under the warranty.

Computer Hardware Replacement/Upgrades Warranty

Manufactures limited warranty that is offered by the manufacturers of the various computer components, and is limited to their specific terms and conditions of sale, and more specific, their return policies. Overclocking: Overclocking is a method of making your CPU, video card, 3D accelerator and some other hardware run faster and/or better and is not endorsed by the manufacturers of the item, and therefore excluded from the warranty offered by the manufacturer.


To make a claim on your warranty all you need to do is call us at 941-840-0201 and schedule a time to drop your device off at our store.

Please contact us for any additional questions about our warranty.