How to Know if Your Device Battery Needs Replacement

How to Know if Your Device Battery Needs Replacement

If your Cell phone, tablet, or computer won’t hold a charge or doesn’t last quite a couple of hours, we can provide an extended, like-new battery life by replacing the battery inside.

But how does one know if a battery replacement is a right decision for your device?

We asked our knowledgeable technicians to list the signs that an electronic gadget could use a replacement battery.

Sign #1: Not a charger or charge port issue

It is important to rule out issues with your charge port or charging cable. Simply grab a good known charging cord and try charging your device and make sure that is functional. If your device suddenly works with a replacement cord, the problem was likely with your cord. If your device still doesn’t work with a replacement cord or through wireless charging, our repair professionals at iFone Repair would be happy to look at your device and assist you find out which issue you’re having.

Sign #2: battery doesn’t last

The daily average Smartphone, tablet, or computer battery life depends on how frequently the device is used and for what purposes. For instance, an individual who spends most of their time only on social media will get more battery life than somebody who plays video games and the reason is because games tend to use more processing power. However, on a full charge, a healthy battery should last most of the day with a normal use. If that is not the case for your device, the device may benefit from a battery replacement.

Sign #3: getting overheated

A device will sometimes fluctuate in temperature depending on the surrounding environment, but another sign of a failing battery is extreme heat when it’s inside or during a cool place. A hot device means the battery is functioning in overdrive to process what you’re asking it to try to at its max capacity. If you are only using your device for social media, work tasks, or a light program and you’re still getting excessive heat or fan noise, your device may benefit from a battery replacement.

If you’ll relate to at least one of the mentioned signs then you are eligible for our Quick and free diagnostic on your device. Mentioning everything you are experiencing to our tech, help make the diagnostics process faster. Also, remember that we offer multi-repair discounts in case your device needs more than just a battery replacement.