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How Much Does An iPad Screen Replacement Cost?

The Apple iPad became an instant hit with the people that loved it limitlessly and were ready to do anything to get their hands on such a cutting edge technology of the future. The major demand was hyped around its attractive large size screen that made reading and working on a handheld device so much easier.

But that 10” screen is not indestructible and just like any normal screen, it too will shatter when dropped. Like any other electronic device, it might experience an internal software glitch and cause the screen unresponsive. Now, the number one question that might come to your mind when you are considering getting the screen repaired is how much it actually costs to replace an iPad screen.

To answer this question, iFone Repair has put together this article that will not only help you understand the cost to repair an iPad screen, but will also tell you where to go for best iPad screen repair and replacement in Bradenton and Sarasota.

The Apple iPad screen may break as a result of dropping on a floor, applying excessive pressure on the screen, hitting it on a hard surface, or involuntary errors. In these cases, a screen replacement is required. iPad screen replacement prices vary according to the tablet model and generation. However, it is important to decide whether to replace only the touch screen or to replace the complete screen assembly. So, how much does it cost?

We will share the Apple iPad screen replacement prices below, but let’s talk about how to decide whether your iPad needs a glass replacement or a complete screen replacement. If the display screen of your iPad tablet is damaged after an incident and there is no breakage or crack on the outside glass and resulted in color changes on the internal screen then a completed LCD screen assembly is needed. Otherwise, a glass replacement should fix your iPad; however, in models such as ipad Pro series, the glass and LCD screen are fused and replaced as on piece of screen which makes them more costly.

How to Replace an iPad Screen?

iPad glass screen or touch screen glass replacement is performed by experienced technicians in our service room using special equipments to safely perform these types of repairs.

In most iPads, the front panel is heated to a certain temp and safely removed to expose the internal battery and motherboard. Then, all the internal covers are carefully removed to unplug the screen panel connectors. Once all the connections are unplugged, the shattered iPad screen can be exposed which can then be taken out and then a surface glue residue cleanup is performed to prepare the frame for the new replacement.

In this way, the information contained in the tablet during the screen replacement will not be touched or deleted. There will be no change in the tablet’s performance, touch speed, touch sensitivity, or screen brightness. One of the most asked questions for consumers is how much does it cost to repair an iPad screen?

Apple iPad Screen Replacement Costs List (Prices listed below as of 06/16/2021)

iPadOut-of-warranty service fee
iPad 8th generation$ 249  
iPad Air $ 249
iPad mini 3$ 299
iPad mini 2$ 199
iPad Pro 11-inch$ 499
iPad Pro (10.5-inch)$ 449
iPad Pro 9.7-inch$ 379

Apple iPad Screen Replacement Considerations

The most important note here is that iPad screen replacement must be performed by a qualified and experienced technician using special equipment.

iFone Repair Prices are Significantly Cheaper than Apple iPad Screen Prices

iFone Repair is your go to place for all electronic device repair. We repair your iPad screen no matter of the kind and extent of damage at the most affordable prices that are affordable. Before starting with the repair process, we run a few tests on it to determine the extent of damage and then provide a quote for the costs of the iPad screen repair. Our iPad screen repair parts are of the highest quality of parts available in the market. We make sure that all the repairs on your iPad are done right and safely. For example, today the cost of replacing an iPad mini 3 screen with iFone Repair in average is about $120 vs. Apple store charging $299.

If you are having problems with your iPad, you can contact us immediately and get technical support. iFone Repair is always there to help you with your electronic device problems. Also, for scheduling your repair you may book an appointment at your convenience.