What’s My Cheapest iPhone Screen Repair Option?

Most iPhone users are carrying their smart phones with them almost everywhere and this also greatly increases the possibility of accidentally damaging them. Often the phone will fall from a height or hit a hard object. This can damage the iPhone screen, causing cracks or shattering the screen into pieces. If the screen is damaged it is difficult to use the Smartphone so iPhone Screen Repair is recommended at the earliest. Some of the options available for iPhone Screen Replacement are discussed, so that the iPhone user can choose the cheapest option to save money.

Apple service center

Officially Apple recommends that a user should get their iPhone repaired at the authorized Apple repair center with trained technicians. The user is also assured that the technicians will use high quality original components for repairs. However, the cost of repairs at the authorized service center will be fairly high. For example the cost of replacement of a screen will start from $149 for the cheaper iPhone and can be more than $300 for some models. So unless there is some electronics problem during the warranty period for the iPhone, it is usually expensive to get the iPhone repaired at the service center.

Do it yourself repairs

The cheapest option if only the material costs are considered is if the user replaces the damaged iPhone screen himself. For this, you will have to get a replacement screen which will usually cost between $25-$45 depending on quality and supplier. If there is a electronics spares shop, you can purchase the replacement screen locally, or you will have to order a new screen offline. you will also have to get a kit which will helps in replacing the screen. The kit is usually priced between $10 -$45 for iPhone x series and older models. Additionally you will also have to spend some time, finding and ordering the spare parts, removing the damaged screen and fitting the new screen.

Do-it-yourself (DIY) repairs are recommended only if the user is reasonably confident that he will be able to do the screen replacement properly, has some training or experience in similar repairs. If the iPhone user has no experience, he is likely to make mistakes. The user should be aware that if the screen repairs are not done properly, it can cause additional damage to other parts of the iPhone, especially the digitizer below the screen. If there is additional damage during the screen replacement process, the cost of repairs will further increase, or a new expensive iPhone will have to be purchased.

Local electronics repairs

If the user has no experience and wishes to get his iPhone repaired quickly, the cheapest and safest option for getting the iPhone repaired, is contacting the local electronics or mobile phone repair stores. iPhone screen repairs are one of the most common repairs in electronic repair stores worldwide, and the prices are usually far lower than the Apple stores. The stores have a wide range of iPhone replacement screens available in stock, and the process of repairs is usually completed within one hour for most iPhones

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