Try These When Your iPhone Is Not Charging

The lives of most people revolve around their smart phones whether it’s for schedule reminders or interacting with friends and family. But when your iPhone is not charging or the charging discontinues when moved slightly, you may get confused and worried. It may be tricky to point out the main fault but not difficult. Mostly, the iPhone charging issue can be resolved at home. Here are some common reasons which may be the cause of the iPhone charging fault along with the solutions.

  1. Soft reset your iPhone:

The very first thing you should do in case of non-charging of iPhone is to soft reset your iPhone. By doing so, you can make sure that there is no software malfunction before checking out any hardware like the iPhone battery or iPhone charging port. The reason behind this is that it’s iPhone’s software, not the hardware that allows it to charge.

  • Check your iPhone charging cable:

Your charging cable and USB adapter may look normal and intact apparently but internally wire may get bent because of the weird wrapping of the iPhone charging cable. Therefore to test your charger, use other compatible and functional chargers and plug in your iPhone. Before purchasing a new charging cable, request your family members and friends to let you use their US B adaptor and cable. If the charging resumes with other cables then buy a new lightning cable.

  • Try different power sources:

Sometimes the most obvious cause is ignored. If nothing is wrong with your iPhone charging cable and it is functional, then try different wall outlets in different rooms to make sure that power switchboards are not causing this charging issue and the problem lies in a different thing. If you are using the USB port to charge your iPhone from the computer then make sure that the computer is fully on.

  • Clean all dust and dust from iPhone charging port:

After making sure that your iPhone cable is quite perfect, take a flashlight and look inside your iPhone charging port. If there is any dust, link or debris then it may be the root cause stopping your lightning cable from connecting with your iPhone. In such a scenario, avoid using a pin, toothpick, or other pointed objects to clean your iPhone charging port from debris. Instead, use compressed air to dislodge dust particles or you can also use a soft toothbrush.

  • Restore or restart your iPhone:

If you have employed all the above, mentioned techniques and you are still stuck with a charging problem then as a last-ditch try two things restore and restart your phone. As told earlier, software malfunctioning may be a hurdle in charging of iPhone. Therefore force restart your iPhone by holding the power button and down the volume button simultaneously. Then again plug in your phone after restarting and check if the issue is resolved or not.

Before doing anything with your iPhone, keep this mind that the iPhone battery has nothing to do with the iPhone not charging issue. Many inexperienced and ill-informed people may suggest you change the iPhone battery but in 99% of cases, it has zero effect.

To get more help with troubleshooting an iPhone, iPad, or iPod that is not taking a charge, bring your tech to our specialists at iFone Repair. Our technicians are trained to identify charging issues and fix it either it’s a damaged charging port, a faulty iPhone battery, or maybe a bad charging cable.