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What To Do When Your Phone Gets Water Damage?

Cell Phones are not only being used for communication. They have become more advanced these days. The most beneficial feature is Internet and is offered by every smartphone these days. When we talk about these advantages, there are few cons as well that we may face using them. The rough usage of our phones often leads to accidents. The most common accident is cell phone water damage.

You don’t need to worry if it happens. Phone doesn’t die immediately when it comes in contact with water. However, you should backup your data before something like this happens.


If you want to fix anything, it is essential to know what has happened exactly. Let us tell you what water does to a phone.

Water can enter a cell phone through any of its ports or jacks. Once inside the phone, water flows into the circuits. Water is a conductor, meaning it carries electricity. The phone’s power is hence transferred and overloads the phone with energy and blows up the circuit board.

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What makes the situation worse is letting the water stay inside the phone. So, to save your phone from cell phone water damage, you must carry out a few emergency measures; the technician can do the rest.


Various methods are being used to save phone water damage. Let’s discuss a few basic things that should try immediately to save phone water damage.

  1. The first and foremost thing is, of course, to rescue your phone from the water source. Then switch it off so that the power is cut down. Dismantle the phone and take out the battery, if possible, and the sim card. It is important to ensure that the water is not able to conduct electricity at all.
  • Then dry the phone with a cloth immediately. Wipe up as much excess moisture as you can. Use a cloth or any other fabric that absorbs moisture. Wipe the screen and the ports. If the battery cannot be taken out, then dry the surrounding area.
  • DO NOT even think of drying your phone in a microwave or a radiator. You will have a damaged microwave as well as a damaged phone. Putting the phone in the freezer is also useless as this will put you back to square one once the ice melts. Using a blow dryer will not help you either, as the heat from the dryer will fry the circuits anyway! A very popular hack is to put your phone in a bag of rice. That doesn’t help much as the process of absorbing moisture is so slow in the bag of rice that the circuits will blow up by then.

The ways mentioned above are just rescuing efforts. They would not save a phone. You can only prevent the water from doing further damage. The best thing to do is to Book an appointment at iFone Repair and take the phone to a technician immediately or as soon as you can so that he can look at the circuits and do the required.