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Why should you upgrade your hard drive to SSD

Why you need to upgrade to an SSD?

What’s more frustrating than a slow computer or glitchy computer. With slow performance PC, people usually complain of delay in work because their computer was frozen, such lagging performance can also lead to crashing and overheating of the computer beside battery issue. In most cases, purchasing a new laptop or PC is not always the option for everyone. Whether you use a computer, laptop, tablet, hard disk is an integral part. But if you are thinking of boosting computer performance without burdening your pocket, then computer or laptop repair might not be wise options.  Upgrading to Solid State drive can solve all your problems because it is affordable and promising.

Reasons to upgrade to SSD:

Solid State drives are the best alternative to HDDs for those who seek speed and efficient performance of computers and laptops.

  1. SSDs boost speed:     

The older the computer, the more issues about its speed and performance. This is because the hard drive becomes overloaded and affects PC storage and functionality. SSD can boost speed 30 times more than Hard drive disks. SSDs also promise data retrieval and faster launch time.

2. Life expectancy is higher:

SSDs stay with you two to three times longer than Hard disk drives because they are durable. The absence of moving components makes them resistant to shocks, damages, and bumps. The failure rate of SSDs is 0.5% as compared to the 5% of HDDs.

3. Installing is easy:

Installing an SSD is quite simple which you can do by yourself. First of all, power off your PC and open the case. Insert the Solid State drive into the drive bay.  If you have more than one slot, you can install SSD along with the mechanical drive for additional storage. If along the way, you were having difficulties opening the case or replacing it contact our techs for help.

4. SSD is feasible:

SSD is more convenient and suitable because of its simple and slimmer design.  As no moving parts like platters and arms are present, therefore no sound of clicking and whirring can disturb you and the fan also blows less frequently. Because of simple structure, the chances of damages are less in case you drop or shake your laptop or computer.

5. SSD is efficient:

The people who travel a lot find it hard to charge their laptops, but SSD has made it easy. SSD consumes substantially less power than HHd. This is because HHD needs electricity to operate its platters while SSD requires it only for internal circuitry. This quality makes the SSD a more environmentally-friendly choice. When the battery’s life is better, the frequent laptop or computer repairing will be minimized.

6. Resistant to heat and magnetism:

Unlike HDD, SSD does not use magnetism to store data. Therefore, the device can be placed on the magnetized area without corrupting the data. Also, it does not produce heat allowing you to operate multiple programs at the same time.

Who should use SSD:

While SSD has changed the game of durability and storage, it is not for every consumer. It is recommended that customers that fulfill the following criteria should use it.

  • People who travel a lot and cannot compromise on battery life and weightage.
  • People who seal durability because they have to run heavy programs on PC and cannot tolerate slow computers.
  • Game lovers who download heavy games and who stream music and movies regularly.
  • In the last, those who get annoyed with slow or hanged laptops and computers and want speed boost without repairing their laptops and computers.

In case you do not feel comfortable replacing the drive by yourself, We offer several computer services to help our customers get the most out of their laptop and desktop computers. We also offer repairs on MacBook or PC. Feel free to contact our technicians and schedule your repair.